Vinyasa Flow (Intermediate/Advanced Class)

This is an active and faster pace class based in the name of flowing with breath threw surya namaskar a & b (sun salutations) It requires to be more physically fit and for sure to know the YOGA POSTURES (asanas)  since we move at a steady pace.We use core and arm strength a 100%, more arm balancing postures are practiced in this class and everyone that wants to take their practice to the next level will like this class for sure. If you are planning on starting your yoga practice this class will not be suitable for you since some experience and knowledge about the postures is required. Please be mindful when coming to this class, if you have had previous injuries, or recent surgery let the teacher know so they can help out with modifications for you. The temperature in the room gets a bit more warmer (25-38C) since we are constantly moving in this class. Bring your water and a non- slip towel  or mat for a peaceful practice they are SOLD or RENTED ($2) at the studio.