What to do?  What to bring? We have pretty much everything in the studio, so basically you just need yourself, your water bottle ,and comfy clothes. (yoga mats rentals and towels are $2)


We know that sometimes we forgot about our studio etiquette, but  we are all part of this community and we all share this space, TALK to us at the front desk and people will be reminded when they forget about this few lines.

Here is the list of things you should remember when you come in to the studio:

No plastic bottles allowed in to the studio (get a reusable bottle and fill it up every time you come to class, less trash for the world:)

Do not leave the classroom before class finishes, or during class. If you do, the teacher will have to check on you WE CARE ABOUT YOU! (in case you are not feeling well, if you have to talk to the instructor so he/she is aware for your reason to leave early that will be the best!) help us to keep a peaceful “distraction free” environment.

Restrict your self from making MUCH NOISE in final savasana  pick your mat or props in a very mindful and quiet way, lets keep this space peaceful!

When hot yoga classes are on the go PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR:) to keep the heat inside the room.

No shoes inside the reception/studio area (leave them at the entrance in the mat:)

Turn off/silent your phone when coming to class ( leave it in your car,bike, skates)

To respect a shared environment, scent free (deodorant ok) no perfume, or sprays in the studio area please.

Clean Clothes for class and clean mats ( after a while if you don’t clean your mat/clothes they get very smelly and there is nothing worst than having someones smelly mat next to you)

Make sure to sign up for class at the front desk registration sheet.

Online signing is amazing thanks to Facebook and our website you can sign up for class if you are planning on coming ( make sure you cancel if you are not going to make it to class; (at lease 24 hrs before class) to allow somebody else to take your place. After the 3rd time you “forget” about class with out cancelling a penalty will be applied, and you will lose the privilege of reserving online).

Early morning classes must be cancelled, if you are not able to make it, give us a call or an e mail since you may be the only one that was coming to class (if not cancelling, an early bird class 6am you will have to pay for a drop in) be mindful!

To keep our studio tidy be sure you bring only what you need to class, the rest of the stuff can be left on the reception area, or our white chairs outside the studio (we can’t take care of your valuables so be sure to keep everything safe), studio will be locked before starting class so nobody can come in or go out.

Absolute Silence! yes we know this is a small town and everyone knows each other please feel free to chat around the reception area respecting the shared space (studio area)

Please be sure to arrive on time to class, ☞ (5-10 min) door will be locked right on time and to respect everybody else that show up on time we will not be waiting for late arrivals!

(we don’t want to see you leave with out practicing yoga be mindful plan ahead ♥)

Early morning classes are subject to change during WINTER, if signing for one of this on the winter months please make sure you check with us if class will be running, since the weather conditions can change and cancellations are allowed. There will always be someone in the studio for you, but unfortunately if only one student shows to class , we will not run class since we are an environmentally friendly place you will be notified if class is cancelled (via e mail or phone).


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