Esperanza Eusebio


“Espe” is in charge of everything at the studio, she has been practicing yoga and meditation since she was 17, and teaching since 2011. She has an International Marketing Degree (BMKT) and a Master in Business (Iowa State University USA), all this tools allow her to run the entire “show” at the yoga barn, she is nowadays offering mentoring, to small entrepreneurs and yoga teachers who are just starting with their yoga career (check her website

Her training includes: Moksha/Modo Hot Yoga (500 hrs Montreal 2011), Yin Yang (2012) , Moksha/Modo Flow (Toronto 2013), Vinyasa , YIN & an Advanced YTT (2014 Costa Rica, Blue Spirit), and Stand up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Muskoka 2015).
Her teachers Ted Grand & Jess Robertson  keep inspiring her love for yoga and she has created an amazing community of yogis around Grey Bruce, Bruce County areas.

Her approach to yoga is to have fun and be able to offer a dynamic yoga class that is: accessible for any yoga student; priority is to keep students “safe” modifications are offered during asana practice. She is moving forward with her career offering mentoring programs, to young entrepreneurs and yoga instructors. Her enthusiasm for helping other yoga educators to find their voice and feel comfortable when teaching is her goal for this program.She also completed her Vipassana Meditation in Barrie Ontario (2011) & Reiki  (2016).

She has led multiple local day retreats in Canada, and led 2 Ayurvedic Yoga Retreats in Mexico (2015 & 2017) and traveled to Italy in the  Spring 2019  to teach ” the art of doing nothing” a 7 day yoga retreat, coming up she will travel to India ( Fall 2019) to lead an 11 day yoga retreat, and Morocco in the Spring of 2020 (space still available). She is a firm believer of yoga being a “gift for life” and that once you discover it”you will never stop learning”.


Tracy Young 

Tracy believes in Yoga as a foundational component towards optimal
health. She has been teaching yoga and wellness practices to
children, teens and adults for over a decade. With a background in
holistic health Tracy works with students to foster their sense of
resiliency and strength to feel safe, alive, and at home in their bodies.
Tracy is a trauma aware yoga teacher with a passion that is grounded
in understanding the science of the nervous system in order to build
the solid foundation of healthy and mindful movements. Tracy has
studied with Radiant Child Yoga, Yoga Kids Foundations and
completed her 200hour cross-disciplinary certification with Deva Tree
School of Yoga. She is a certified Relax and Renew® facilitator with
Judith Lasater, and Yoga for the Nervous System with clinical
Psychologist Bo Forbes. As a lover of embodiment and the human
potential Tracy continues to further her studies in Mindful Strength
and Movement for Trauma.
Supported by her deep love for sound healing and Bhakti yoga; the
path of devotion, Tracy believes in seeing the divine in everything,
and often incorporates the practice of sound and mantra into her
Her continuum is broad, and her teaching offers a platform to fully
engage with your inner and outer self, and will leave you feeling
strong, calm, centred, and embodied.



Tanya Grace


She is the more relaxed yoga teacher ever! Her honey flow class run’s every Monday Morning at 10am  moving slowly and in a mindful way is how we can describe her class. There is always creativity involved in Tanya’s flow and always a surprise!


Nicole Boyd

Hello! I completed a 300-hour teacher training at Breathe Yoga, Toronto in 2011 and I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2016. My studies are never-ending! There are always courses and workshops on my radar.

How I came to teach yoga started when I lived in Toronto. I found that whenever I left a yoga class I felt like I was skipping my way home. I stood taller, I felt almost giddy and more positive. There was an energy, a fire inside that had been stirred up. Yoga always felt really good. From there I decided that I wanted to learn more.
I love yoga and I have a great time teaching! My practice is ever-evolving and that is what I love most… a lifetime of change, growth and knowing.  In my active classes I like use slow and controlled movements to light a little fire inside and add some challenge followed by periods of rest and grounding. Gentle classes are also a favourite of mine. I love moving the body in ways that we may not normally in our daily lives, movements that feel good and nourishing.
One of the best assets of a yoga practice is to become really interested in what you are doing. Be curious about the breath, how your body moves physically, what comes up emotionally and the energy you cultivate during your practice.
As a teacher I hope that I can help stimulate your curiosity in your practice as we learn from each other!




Nicole Jackson

Sometimes looking at the world upside down gives you a fresh, new perspective! After being an avid yogi for almost ten years, Nicole decided it was time to complete teacher training to deepen her practice and share her love of yoga and wellbeing with others. Nicole completed 200 hour teacher training at Georgian College a few years ago, and began teaching soon afterwards. She enjoys a variety of yoga styles, and will complete Restorative Yoga training in early September. 

Outside of the studio, Nicole is an elementary school principal, a teacher at heart, and has a passion for lifelong learning. Nicole has a Masters degree in International Educational Leadership, and loves to present workshops about wellness and mindfulness to adults. She is also a mom of grown up kids, a crazy aunt, an animal lover, lover of nature and connecting with people. Nicole lives in Walkerton with her partner Mike, a very spoiled golden retriever named Finnegan and Allistair the cat. 






Jaclyn Klein

I am looking forward to sharing my love of yoga with you.  My goal is to share Peaceful Vitality. Together we will focus on foundational stability, strength and flexibility of our spines, whole rib cage, shoulders and hips.  Lengthening and releasing your lower core muscles grounds you to the Earth.  With proper structural stability your life force flows within your body easier, bringing more vital energy for your use.  Namaste







Danielle Hetsler 


I BELIEVE ALL THE ANSWERS ARE ALREADY WITHIN YOU. I AM JUST HERE TO GUIDE YOU AND ASK SOME GOOD QUESTIONS SEE YOU THERE. You can find me every Sunday at 10 am at the yoga barn, where we will be unfolding the path of gentle yoga together, bringing mindfulness breath and movement.





Stacey Bell

Stacey began practicing yoga at the age of 18, using it as a tool to de stress and exercise throughout her university studies. Now a full time Registered Nurse she finds she needs yoga more and more. With a busy, fast paced career she naturally gravitated towards the vinyasa and beat driven flows eventually leading her to Buti! She did her 200 hour in November 2018 through buti getting her certified in buti, hot buti and vinyasa. She loves the primal aspect, the musical intricacies and the grounding asanas and finds them to be “just what the body and mind needs to get away from the ego”. Stacey has since gotten certified in yin yoga and myofascial release with Eva at the barn in June and incorporates some of the teachings into her cool down and Savasanas. Meet her on the mat Thursdays at 7pm! Check Stacey’s powerful Chatauranga in the pic;)





Dustin Brown

Recently trained out of Orangeville Ontario at Kala Yoga Inc., Dustin is eager to guide you as well as continue to learn with you! Together travelling through the dimensions of the self, Dustin will assist you with stretching not only the physical self, but also the energetic, emotional, spiritual and intellectual self. With his ability to bring strength, flexibility and stretching techniques to the studio, this yoga guide is here to assist you with moving from a state of action to a state of release in his Monday evening Stretch & Release class. To Dustin, Yoga is Self-Expression, Yoga is Self-Acceptance, Yoga is Union, Yoga simply just is. Welcome to BEING instead of DOING. Find me at the barn every Monday at 5:30pm!









Our Yoga Tribe is constantly changing, some of us stay and settle , some of us search for adventure, leave the area and fly away in this pic you can see some of our family members Laryssa & Sonya now live in New Zealand, and our dear Ivory is now in Ottawa!   Mary teaches yoga at home and Donna opened her yoga studio outside Cobble Beach:) we are al growing and  we are always searching for yoga educators who thrive to share their passion with our community! Everyone is welcome and everyone has a different teaching style we can’t wait for your class come and share your passion with us  email us at ( !