Esperanza Eusebio

“Espe” is in charge of everything at the studio, she was trained in Moksha/Modo Hot Yoga in Montreal in 2011, and has been practicing since she was 16, after moving from Mexico, she missed the heat and decided to start teaching hot yoga. She got trained in YIN, Moksha Flow, Vinyasa & Advanced YTT in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit under the teachings of Ted Grand, Dina Tsouloushas, Jess Robertson, Ray Long and Joe Barnett. When teaching class her priority is safety for the students, peace and relaxation.




Tracy Young 

Blissful, peaceful and energetic are the yoga classes from our lovely Tracy, she is taking some time off at the moment, but she will be back at the studio teaching soon when her schedule allows!



Mary McGeachy


Mary has been teaching for a long time! you can find her on Sunday mornings at the yoga barn 10 am class is always busy, so we recommend you to sign up in advance!







Tanya Grace

She is the more relaxed yoga teacher ever! Her honey flow class

run’s every Monday Morning at 10am  moving slowly and in a

mindful way is how we can describe her class. There is always

creativity involved in Tanya’s flow and always a surprise!




Nicole Boyd

Our dear Nic has been around the studio since we first opened! She is a RMT mother of 2 little girls and a very creative yoga instructor.

You can find Nicole every Sunday at Stretch and Strength yoga, usually this class happens at noon time. A perfect practice to invigorate your Sunday and balance your body.







Nicole Jackson

Teaches every Saturday at the studio at 10 am, Nicole shares Gentle Yoga and Hatha, and it is a busy Mom and School Principal!







Rhonda Waechter


If you like the yin yang type of class  with a focus on building strength physically, spiritually and emotionally & revolving around mother Gaia, sign up for this practice!  the 5 elements will be always present in her class , and you will be using the connective energy that we share ( crystals and other grounding elements will be used in this practice)


Find Rhonda at noon every Friday at the studio.





Jaclyn Klein

I am looking forward to sharing my love of yoga with you.  My goal is to share Peaceful Vitality.

Together we will focus on foundational stability, strength and flexibility of our spines, whole rib cage, shoulders and hips.  Lengthening and releasing your lower core muscles grounds you to the Earth.  With proper structural stability your life force flows within your body easier, bringing more vital energy for your use.  Namaste