Lee Anne Reuber


You can find Lee Anne every Tuesday Night

at 7pm at the studio, she will make you sweat

with her hot buti yoga class, a very active yoga





Tracy Young 

Blissful, peaceful and energetic are the

yoga classes from our lovely Tracy, you can find her

every Thursday at 4pm for HOT YOGA ,and pre natal




Mary McGeachy

Our Sunday morning classes are always sold out! That says a lot

about this beautiful soul, Mary also teaches Gentle Yoga every

Thursday night at 7pm, anyone can join her class, she has a natural

way of teaching, and she has been guiding classes at the barn since

We first opened in 2013.




Tanya Grace

She is the more relaxed yoga teacher ever! Her honey flow class

run’s every Tuesday at 4pm during the winter, moving slowly and in a

mindful way is how we can describe her class. There is always

creativity involved in Tanya’s flow and always a surprise!



Nicole Boyd

Nicole guides our Gentle Yoga class on Friday mornings,  her anatomy awareness is amazing, and you will always feel like you learn not only yoga but always something new about your body!