Welcome to the yoga barn, in this section of our website you will be able to read the description of every yoga class we offer at the studio. We highly recommend to read this descriptions before coming to the studio *specially if you are new to yoga ! ALL OUR YOGA CLASSES WELCOME BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED PRACTITIONERS, E ALL OF OUR INSTRUCTORS  HAVE A 200HR OR MORE TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE, AND ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE MODIFICATIONS FOR YOUR ASANA PRACTICE ( YOGA POSTURES).  


We are excited to have you practice in our little space:) please make sure to ask any questions before class, and we will make sure that you have the best experience with your yoga practice, email us: hotyogabarn@gmail.com or call (view our contact info on the top right corner of our website)

There is a lot of different styles of yoga around the world (power yoga,buti, yoga ,hatha yoga, vinyasa, iyengar, jivamukti,hot yoga, yin yoga,moksha yoga, bikram yoga,  ying-yang)  and they are all amazing in their own way!

At the yoga barn we focus our selves in keeping yoga accessible, taking care of our body (SELF CARE)and safety for everyone in all classes. We  offer modifications and adjustments in the different asanas (postures) to our students, we are all different and yoga can personalized to every body, that is the greatest thing about having a certified yoga instructor in the room!

Remember that “Yoga is about following the voice of your body and learning to respect and honour it” at the end we only have 1 body!  be patient with it your practice since is personal, and everyone’s physical  complexion is different.

Espe is our studio Manager/Owner  together with Rosemary our receptionist and all our yoga teachers  will be happy to answer any questions regarding your first visit to the studio.

YIN & TONIC / also called AROMA YOGA 

Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles. In a YinTonic, a massage with different props will be presented to you as an alternative to promote SELF CARE and knowledge about your body. We will offer adjustments and  depending on the focus of the class aromatherapy (essential oils from DoTerra and Saje) will be introduced in class. PLEASE ADVISE THE INSTRUCTOR IF YOU SUFFER OF ANY ALLERGIES, OR ANY PREVIOUS OR PRESENT INJURIES  our focus is always to take care of you!Join Espe every Wednesday for this practice at 10am.



This  Yoga class will teach you the traditional styles of yoga, with a fusion of :Restorative, Hatha,Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin yoga,  & emphasis on alignment and safety.   If you are looking to start your yoga practice, get back to it or  have some health issues / injuries to take care this is a  fun/ safe class where you can learn some mindfulness for your body. This style of yoga is Therapeutic and welcomes students of any age. You con join this practice on Monday at 10 am ( Honey Flow), Tuesday’s at 10 am ( with Jaclyn), Friday’s at 10 am, Saturday’s with Nicole & Sunday with Mary.



Beginners welcome 100%, this class is the best class to start with if you are new to yoga and you consider yourself an active person. We work the body from head to toes, in a good pace so you can learn all the postures,  this  class offers a great opportunity to learn relax and learn , it offers a taste of a medium /hot yoga class (temperature  25C – 35 C degrees)Espe, Stacey Bell  and Tracy Young are our only 3 yoga instructors that love teaching hot yoga! You can find them on Monday’s at 7pm or Thursday at 7pm.



50/50 will be the best description for this class, we start slow in the floor , opening and warming the muscles that we will be using during the second part of the class.The second half of class becomes faster  since a few  surya namaskar (sun salutations) will be practiced to warm up the body.  A a good practice to balance your chakra energy and  strength your muscles. Beginners are welcome  and props like bolsters, blocks, therapy balls & straps are required and available in the studio * please bring a towel for hygienic reasons.  Modifications will be provided by the teachers (please ask any questions or refer to the teacher any previous injuries)


VINYASA  or YOGA FLOW / (Intermediate/Advanced class)

This is an active and faster pace class based in the name of flowing with breath threw surya namaskar a & b (sun salutations) It requires to be more physically fit and for sure to know the YOGA POSTURES (asanas)  since we move at a steady pace.We use core and arm strength a 100%, more arm balancing postures are practiced in this class and everyone that wants to take their practice to the next level will like this class for sure. If you are planning on starting your yoga practice this class will not be suitable for you since some experience and knowledge about the postures is required. Please be mindful when coming to this class, if you have had previous injuries, or recent surgery let the teacher know so they can help out with modifications for you. The temperature in the room gets a bit more warmer (25-38C) since we are constantly moving in this class. Bring your water and a non- slip towel  or mat for a peaceful practice they are SOLD or RENTED ($2dlrs) at the studio.



Let the body take a break from your fast pace life! this is one of the slowest pace class that you can take  at the studio, and by  slow we don’t mean that is not challenging ! It is a mind challenging practice since  we hold the postures (most of them on the floor) for a longer period of time to get a deeper stretch (3-5 min), bring a towel or a bolster so you can relax your muscles and mind:) Beginners welcome 100%! MYOFASCIAL THERAPY WILL HAPPEN ONCE IN A WHILE WITH OUR THERAPY BALLS!


Starting slow on the floor, then gradually working into a flow to incorporate breath with movement and open all parts of the body. Variations on sun salutations will be practiced to explore standing postures at a moderate pace. Props may be used and variations on postures offered to adjust alignment for different body types and levels of practice.

HONEY FLOW YOGA CLASS (Tuesday’s with Tanya Grace)

This class as the name can describe it is a slow motion flow yoga class, we work on strengthening our bodies by moving consciously and  paying closer attention to our breathing and movement. We also incorporate some meditation and ancient yoga teachings in this class, creating a mystic atmosphere at the studio.



The intention in a restorative practice is to deeply relax the central nervous system, with the help of various props, that are used for support the body 100% so the students can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching.  Restorative classes are very relaxing and are a good complement to more active practices.  It is recommended to wear warm comfortable clothing since you often cool down when relaxing.  Poses are held for an extended period, often up to ten to twenty minutes. It is a therapeutic style of practice that leaves you feeling safe, nurtured, open and refreshed. (very slow pace recommended to students that had some injuries in their body in the past to recover flexibility)


Targets all muscle groups, combining hand weights with yoga poses. Strengthening, toning, fun & energizing yet still carries the mindful, relaxation of yoga to bring you back to a restful mind. Beginners welcome.

A true workout! If you like to dance, love moving your body, connecting with your breathing and getting your heart pumping! join us every Tuesday AND Thursday  at 7pm for this fun, loud and beautiful class with Randi and Stacey they are full of energy and will be happy to share it with you!
Following your breath, and paying attention to our body are key elements for this practice. We will be creating some flexibility just like the yin yang type of class  with a focus on building strength physically, spiritually and emotionally revolving around mother Gaia (earth) , the 5 elements will be present in our movement, and we will be using the connective energy that we share. Find Rhonda Waechter teaching this class every Friday at noon. Beginners welcome!

SUP  YOGA  (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga) 


 $45* per person starting  mid July 2018

$15 Bring your own board and join any class (please bring anchor and leash)

AVAILABLE ONE BY ONE OR  GROUP ( 5 Max) we have 2 classes to choose from! (read below)


First step is to learn how to Stand up Paddle Board, this class is required prior  practicing our SUP  Yoga class. Practiced inside the  Lake Rosalind on our paddle boards, class is 1.5 hrs long and it requires to know how to swim, arm strength, confidence and balance. The price includes all required equipment (SUP board, anchor, leash & paddle). The SUP Intro will give you the tools to get start practicing this awesome sport.


In our SUP Yoga class (1.5-2hrs long) the first part of  the work out will be to paddle towards the calm area where we will be practicing, this will get our bodies sweating  and then we will continue to move in to our yoga class in deeper water.Please notice that you should take a SUP intro class to take  SUP yoga, since all the basics will be taught in there, if you are familiar with paddle boarding no need of taking the INTRO class. Please bring:


-Comfortable yoga clothes

-A change of  clothes.

-PFD (life jacket)


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